Hair and all its complications • Raising feminist boys today • Tipping, service work and our changing world • A hot new Yiddish star • Taking off my wedding ring

Jewish Hair Now.

Twenty-five years after Lilith’s original, classic, sold-out hair issue, new writers untangle the knots that connect us to our mothers, our bodies, our backgrounds and our politics. 

Raising Feminist Boys

Sarah Seltzer

How we can all help 

Tipping. A Feminist Issue.

Arielle Silver-Willner talks to Sarah Jaffe

Emotional Labor, Tipping, and Feminists’ Role in Promoting a Fairer Workplace Culture 

Making Yiddish Hip, Heymish & Hot

Sandee Brawarsky

Channeling her own past, the remarkable diva Eleanor Reissa is singing, directing, writing and performing Yiddish for 21st-century audiences. 

Fiction: Driving Lesson

Kate Schmier

And yet, as she looked around at the paintings in their gilded frames, the polished silver candlesticks, the maid scurrying into the room with a china bowl filled with sugar cubes, she thought she might go through with it anyway. She was a milliner, after all. She had the taste for beautiful things. The possibilities tantalized her.

Fiction: Anniversary

M.K. Narváez

The longer they sat without stirring, the more concrete and real the other became. As the evening progressed it became a conversation in which they spoke in their own impenetrable, unutterable language, which only they could perceive.

Fiction: Paved With Gold

Beth Kanter

So they leave, two more huddled masses sailing from old world to new. The newlyweds carry their tightly bundled life on board: Candlesticks, prayer shawl, brown crusted bread,
hand-stitched lace, a family ring tightly sewn into the band of her thick wool skirt.

Poetry: Burnt Offering

Alisha Kaplan

Poetry by Alisha Kaplan

Taking Off My Wedding Ring

Rabbi Laura Geller

I wanted to take off my ring, but I needed a ritual to acknowledge that Divinity was present, even at this moment of loss.