Through biblical and ancient texts and archaeological finds, explore the reality of infertility as experienced in antiquity by many women and the ways in which they faced this difficult hurdle. While the methods employed to undo infertility might be surprising to the contemporary audience, the pain and struggles faced by ancient women still find resonance today. Join us on Tuesday, March 9, 6:00 pm ET.

Presented by HUC in partnership with Lilith magazine.

Calling all JOC artists and culture makers! A group of Jewish Artists of Colour from across North America have organized an informal, intentional space to bring together Jewish creatives of Colour. If you’re a Black Jew, a First Nations Jew, an Asian Jew, Indian Jew, a mixed race Jew… Jewpanese? Hinjew? Jewtina? MENA? Welcome to PRISM. If you grapple with the term JOC (Jew of Colour), that’s okay! (So do we!!) If you feel more Jew-ish than Jewish, that’s alright too. All are invited to this international, intergenerational online hang on Tuesday, March 16, 8-10 pm ET, with a series of breakout rooms to connect and create. Join a community in formation that’s loving and light – queer-positive, cultured and colourful.

Organized by No Silence on Race & FENTSTER with support from the UJA-Federation of New York, The Jewish Theological Seminary, Lilith magazine, Reboot, & JQT Vancouver.

Join Chef & food writer Susan Barocas to explore Passover traditions among the Jews of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. We’ll be cooking prasa con tomat (leek with tomato) & apyo (celeriac with carrots, lemon and dill).

Lilith salons are up and running in over 90 cities across North America! Are you a member of a Reform congregation or a National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) section?  You can be part on an ongoing Lilith salon right in your own community. Or you can start your own Lilith salon by inviting friends to discuss the current issue; you provide the snacks and Lilith will provide background material and trigger questions. Learn more.