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Prepare to have your expectations challenged as you rethink some of the most pivotal moments in your life.

Welcome a Baby
Celebrating the births of Jewish girls, Lilith expands on ancient traditions. Plus, a feminist take on circumcision: why it’s so important to Jewish communities, and what it says to women.

Bat Mitzvah
Concrete ways to think about the whole bat mitzvah thing. From choosing the bat mitzvah dress and the family politics to rich spiritual possibilities. Adult bat mitzvahs too. Here, both “trees” and “forest,” for your reading pleasure.

Can your nuptials reflect your [Jewish, eco, feminist, political] values? Brand new ideas, rituals and approaches for non-traditional, egalitarian, LGBTQ, interfaith, or unexpected Jewish wedding permutations.

Smart Jewish women share their own methods and techniques for handling loss of all sorts, and confronting grief.

Entirely new ways of approaching the Jewish calendar await you in these pages.

Rosh Hashanah
The Jewish New Year is a time to reflect on our choices, our values, and our plans. Lilith’s rituals and writings will guide you through.

An ancient fertility festival or a masquerade ball? Lilith explores the breadth and depth of this eternally surprising holiday.

In the spirit of Sukkot, Lilith revisits the idea of Ushpizin–honored guests for the holiday. Find out what these inspirational women are doing, and what you can do, too.

A rich array of articles showcase the diversity of meanings of this elaborate holiday.

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