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Joan Roth’s feminist photography • Young, queer and quarantined • The women who uphold the patriarchy • Abortion, then and now. • Breaking a taboo • And much more!

Camera Ready

Sandee Brawarsky

"In the worlds she captures with her camera, Roth quickly becomes an insider. She doesn’t step out of the story. While she’s not in the picture, she’s grounded in the lives she is documenting."

The Fight for Reproductive Rights: It Never Ends

Four decades of Lilith's writing on reproductive rights. What's changed... and what hasn't?

My Secretly Jewish Italian Grandmother

Carolyn Ariella Sofia

No one upstairs knows for a long time what actually happens at the end of my visits to the basement apartment. From the beginning I understand without being told that these stories and these prayers are meant only for my grandmother and me and do not tell the rest of my family. That summer and for a long time after, my grandmother and I live a secret life, Marranos in the midst of Long Island, afraid of being caught out in the open by our family.  

Amy Coney Barrett and Me

Elana Sztokman

The issue Coney Barrett’s hearings evoked, though, is that the stakes are greater when women who are protecting the patriarchy enter leadership. Then, the contradiction can take a sinister turn. Religious women can use their newly acquired power to keep other women in their place.

QAnon and its Dangerous Appeal to Women

Alice Sparberg Alexiou

With so many arms and no clear hierarchy, QAnon is a protean monster, mutating and multiplying like cancer cells, and it is precisely its adaptability to today’s climate that makes it so scary.  QAnon, like a sewer flowing through the Internet, collects and absorbs every piece of noxious substance that passes into it from the waste pipes of our culture.

Breaking the Taboo


So here I am, a mature woman working in religious life, having joyous, guilt-free extramarital sex. The relationship has been going on for several months, with no diminution of my enjoyment, my FWB’s ardor, or my husband’s tacit support. 

The Lost Taste of an Apple

by Dr. Ellen Schecter

I MOURN THE TASTE OF APPLES—tart-sweet, honeyed.

Fiction: Off the Roof

by Willa Rosenbach Morris

Poem: Just Girls

by Hollis Kurman