First-timers: Jewish women running for office. Pretending she can protect her small daughter from patriarchy. When food endangered Jews. Raising liberal kids in Israel. Returning to Tangier, a Moroccan Jew finds Muslim feminists. Childbirth & privilege: Who deserves a doula? Unexpected anti-Semitism in an upstate NY town.

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“Flawlessness by Ines” — The Hidden Bruises

Yaëlle Azagury

Seven years after the Arab Spring, a Moroccan Jewish feminist returns to Tangier and connects with her Muslim ex-schoolmates.

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Running for Office

Susan Weidman Schneider and Joan Roth

Ballots for U.S. Congress this season list an unprecedented number of Jewish women. Who are they? Why, win or lose, did they enter the fray? And how would they bring the change they want to see? Lilith’s editor in chief and photographer took to the campaign trail to find out.

What Was Cut

fiction by Beth Kanell

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A Jew in America Becomes a Jew in Israel

by Ilana Blumberg

Suddenly the State is no longer the Other—it’s her, and her family. How to confront this identity shift and its responsibilities?

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The Midwife Divide

by Justine Orlovsky-Schnitzler

Jewish women, often early adopters of medical advances, are rethinking their childbirth options. But who deserves a doula most?

When Food Betrayed the Jews

Susan Barocas

Tracing modern food cultures back to the Spanish Inquisition and before, you find that what you eat carries more meaning than you’d known. Plus…recipes for Sephardic leeks and almond pastries.

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I Pretended I Could Shelter My Daughter from the Patriarchy

Sara Fredman

It began with a lie. She told her daughter that the Jewish boys’ choir on the recording was really girls. The lesson that followed was illuminating.

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Five Recent Encounters; Or, “One of Those People”

Elisa Albert

Novelist Albert lives in Upstate New York. Here’s a sampling of the unanticipated anti-Semitism she’s been hearing from people in her circle.

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poem by Rebecca Keren

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The Long Tail of the Bitch

Allison Yarrow

Allison Yarrow on her new book, 90s Bitch: Media, Culture, and the Failed Promise of Gender Equality

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Some Never Noticed They Were Jewish

Joyce Antler

Joyce Antler on her new book Jewish Radical Feminism: Voices from the Women’s Liberation Movement

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Call and Response

Carolivia Herron

Herron’s African-American grandmother prayed a Jewish prayer.