#MeToo — what’s got to change in Jewish organizations? A girl meets the half-siblings who share her sperm donor. When a Skokie teenager had her big crush on Jesus. Repairing women’s torn bodies in Rwanda and Niger. Paradoxical adoration-plus-anti-Semitism in paintings and novels of Jewish women. What can you throw out after a dear one dies?

In Rwanda, repaired patients giving Barbara Margolies gifts at a Day of Dignity celebration.Subscriber Exclusive

Repairing the World by Repairing Women’s Bodies in Rwanda and Niger

by Eleanor J. Bader

A teacher visiting Niger learned by chance about a shameful and widespread gynecological affliction—and took it upon herself to improve things. 

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1992: Jesus for Jews

by Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein

 She’s a teenager in Skokie, Illinois, with a crush—on Jesus Christ, the superstar.

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by Amy Chernikowski

When reverberations of sexual trauma can carry through to the next generation.

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The Lives of Sarah

poem by Leah Schwartz

Art by Michaela MacPherson

The Miscreants

fiction by Tamar Ben-Ozer

"Mrs. Z. used to be  more religious, back when her family was  still around, but now she says offhandedly that observance is a tribal practice, and is not easily maintained on one’s own."


In the wake of Harvey Weinstein, we’ve shifted how we talk about—and hold perpetrators accountable for—sexual assault. Three different angles on why and how.

For Single Mothers Working as Train Conductors Book Cover

The Book of Disaster

by Laura Esther Wolfson

From For Single Mothers Working as Train Conductors:

"Everything began in Lithuania, of course. But where to begin in Lithuania?"

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La Belle Juive

by Yaëlle Azagury

How does the 19th century's exotification of Jewish women shape the stereotypes we know?

"19th Amendment" by Nancy BakerSubscriber Exclusive

Donor Sperm: The Sequel

by Sasha Hochman

 A Jewish teen sets out to find the half-siblings who share her sperm donor. What happens next. 

Silences Between Mothers & DaughtersSubscriber Exclusive

Silences Between Mothers & Daughters

by Nan Fink Gefen

Probing the under-examined—and very unwelcome—rift between some mothers and their adult daughters. 

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Who Is Stifling the Anger?

by Nan Fink Gefen

Some examples from mother and daughter relationships.

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The Accidental Archivist

by Spencer Merolla

Never mind paring down; our objects carry deep meaning. "Death turns everything into an heirloom."

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