Latinx, Jewish, running for office • Alleged victims of a pediatrician find each other • Is motherhood new again? • A second chance at an old relationship • How to care for children without parents •



Arizona’s Jewish Latinx Candidate Shakes Things Up

by Joan Roth with Susan Weidman Schneider

On the road—from mobile home parks to upscale developments--with Tucson's activist candidate Alma Hernandez and her political family.

Writing Motherhood in an Age of Anxiety

Sarah Seltzer

Every other book these days seems to be about the tectonic shifts new mothers feel. What should we read in this “motherhood canon”?

Love at Second Sight

by Vivian Conan

A new chance at an old relationship.

First Grade, Second Language

by Rachel Mesch

I put my friend gently away into the space between my English and my Hebrew consciousness, the place where loss can't exist, because it cannot be spoken.

“I Wasn’t the Only One.”

Alice Sparberg Alexiou

In the 1980s, stories began to emerge: Had a Long Island Jewish pediatrician been sexually abusing some of his female patients? Then the trauma described by the girls, now women, went underground for decades. This year things changed.

I Say, “I’m Jewish.”

by Nicole Hollander

A cartoonist draws her childhood, and the bigotry of bullies.

Interfere Less, Observe More

by Ruth Mason

Emmi Pikler, the Hungarian Jewish doctor who changed the way we understand children.

Sara Berman’s Closet

by Maira Kalman and Alex Kalman

The pleasure of precision.