Did Alzheimers Turn My Husband into an Anti-Semite? • Parenting in the Pandemic • Objects and Their Hidden Lives • Forgiveness: When is It Possible?

Did Alzheimer’s Turn My Husband Into An anti-Semite?

Yona Zeldis McDonough

What if I’d been wrong about all of it, and that there was—and always had been—some deep and yawning chasm between us?

Commit to Your Creativity. Even Now.

Bonnie Friedman

The author of the cult classic Writing Past Dark has some advice.

Parenting During the Pandemic

Sarah Seltzer, Autumn Leonard, Tamar Fox, Arielle Derby, Katie Colt, and Chava Shervington

Six mothers get real about loss, work, danger, guilt.

“Like A Worm You Poke With A Stick”

Vivian Conan

When the mommy who loved me was there, I didn’t know about the mommy who hated me.

Poem: My Grandmother’s Dishes

Lesléa Newman

A poem by Lesléa Newman
Comment by Alicia Ostriker

Fiction: The Neowise Comet Listens In

Carolivia Herron

This narrative blends the voice of the protagonist, a Black Jew, with the imagined voice of the comet. Among the many whose words were overheard by the comet are fellow congregants of Tifereth Israel in Washington, D.C. Thanks to Louise Parker Kelley, Susan Vitale, and Ruth Secular.

Making a Feast of Mezze

Susan Barocas

Many of my favorite dishes have been part of mezze, an abundance of cold and hot plates full of flavor and a wide variety of ingredients.