“Unfaithful,” the theme of 3 prize-winning short stories • Israel’s little-known School for Peace and the woman who created it • The new questions those male policy-makers didn’t know to ask • Matilda Robbins,1920s labor activist single mom, has messages for us • Jewish female legislators storm New York’s statehouse and expand abortion access • A writer mourns her father at another man’s funeral • Alice Shalvi, matron saint of Israeli feminism



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The New Questions

Lilith staff

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“In Vain, My Attempts to Be Reasonable”

Rokhl Kafrissen

The struggles of socialist single mother Matilda Robbins in the 1920s are surprisingly relevant right now.

On the Coattails of Other People’s Grief

Susan Kennedy

Mourning my father by attending another man's funeral

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Women Shake Things Up in a Major Statehouse

Joan Roth and Shira Gorelick, with reporting by Susan Weidman Schneider and Sarah Seltzer

Fiction: What Forgiveness Might Look Like

Briana Maley

First Prize in Lilith's 2019 Fiction Contest

Fiction: A Serious Infatuation

Nina Barragan

Second Prize in Lilith's 2019 Fiction Contest

Fiction: That Dad with White Socks

Ruth Efroni, translated by Ilana Kurshan

Third Prize in Lilith's 2019 Fiction Contest

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A School for Peace

Ruth Ebenstein

Nava Sonnenschein’s decades of hard conversations.

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It Belongs to My Brothers

Adina Singer

But what is respected in my community as the more intellectually rigorous and important body of text, the Talmud, makes me feel like a stranger in my own faith. 

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