Money and meaning, from teaching Hebrew school, to funding abortion, to changing your Jewish name for the workplace. • Three miscarriages and a crisis of faith. • Candidates get real after their concession speeches. • When your family breaks up with you (or vice versa). • A woman of advancing age starts to tell her truths about childhood.

After the Concession Speech

Joan Roth with Sarah Seltzer. Photographs by Joan Roth.

While the media spotlight has, deservedly, focused on the winners of November’s mid-term elections, it would be ecologically foolhardy to turn all our attention away from the Jewish women who were defeated.

Late Revelations: When Our Matriarchs Lose Their Filters

Bonnie Friedman

At the age of 90, my mother started speaking very differently about her mother. Her jaw tightened when she mentioned her.

“Not On Speaking Terms.” Estrangement Inside Jewish Families

Ilana Kramer

After a family member cuts off contact, the ripples travel far. Kramer talks to initiators, those left behind, and some experts trying to unravel the mysteries of family fragmentation. 

“And With All Your Might”

Julie Sugar

It’s not the three miscarriages that soured her relationship with God; her fertility struggle exposed the doubt that had already crept in. 

Why Diversity Matters

Janet Wittes

A lesson for the "Mad Men" crowd. 

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