very inclusive ritual for when a toddler daughter becomes a Jew. Lessons on losing elections from Golda Meir. An intergenerational Jewish lesbian couple talks difference. Holocaust games at Jewish summer camp–who wins? “Barbra Streisand was my rabbi.” Our new short fiction contest winners. Growing up Baptist, caught by Judaism. 



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Holocaust Games at Summer Camp

Rebecca Brill

Competitive Consequential Taboo

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My Adopted Daughter Becomes a Jew

Tamar Fox

A very inclusive conversion ritual

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Barbra Streisand Was My Rabbi

Krystyna Lagowski

In her putatively Catholic household, Lagowski’s adoration of Barbra was seen as normal. Then the shocks of her parents’ divorce reveal why.

When You’re That Intergenerational Jewish Lesbian Couple

Farrell Greenwald Brenner

Differences in age and experience pale next to the differences in how each was brought up Jewish.


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Growing Up Baptist, Caught by Judaism

Susan Proctor

Steeped in an all-encompassing church life, a resonant dream shakes her to her Jesus-Loves-Me core. What happens after pulls her to Judaism.

When Golda Meir Ran for Mayor of Tel Aviv, Won the Most Votes, and Lost the Election

Francine Klagsbrun

What Golda compromised when she ran for mayor of Tel Aviv—and the consequences for Israel. 

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2017 Fiction Contest Winners

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Helen Epstein

Polling classmates from her all-girls high school, she hears them remember their experiences facing sexual predators on the subway. 

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Maggie Cooper


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