Tamar Fox explains the root causes of our time-crunch epidemic. Jews and gender in the Jim Crow South. An unexpected poster child for Planned Parenthood. Defrosting the liturgy, democratizing religion, and reviving Jewish feminist celebrations. A ritual for breast reduction. When a daughter witnesses her mother’s abuse.

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When Your Work Crowds Out Your Actual Life

Tamar Fox

It’s about more than just kids and way more than your personal solutions. What should employers—like Jewish and feminist organizations—be doing? 

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What’s Missing When Jews Talk About Abortions

Chanel Dubofsky

Jews are overwhelmingly pro-choice. So why do we selectively fall silent?

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The Wedding Dress Whisperer and Me

Marianne Rohrlich, photos by Joan Roth

What pulls a seasoned New York Times reporter to Rochel Leah Katz, guru for ultra-Orthodox brides? 

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These New Jewish Holidays Brought to You By Feminism

Lori Lefkovitz

Defrost the liturgy, democratize religious practices, innovate from Bible narratives and you get the celebrations we need now. 

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Miscarriage Memorial

A poem by Nessa Rapoport

An Unlikely Poster Child for Planned Parenthood

Ali Walensky talks with Susan Weidman Schneider

Why this 25-year-old sings the organization’s praises. Prepare to be surprised. 

Flash Flood

A short story by Hila Amit, translated from the Hebrew by Ilana Kurshan

Life lessons from the mythological Lilith. Betty Friedan on her feminine mystique & being Jewish. Those thorny Jewish women's organizations.

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Calling Out Her Name

Linda K. Wertheimer

The paradox of public versus personal prayer. 

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I Served the Man Who Beat My Mother

Gila K. Berryman

What’s expected of a daughter who witnesses violence? This haunting memoir tells us. 

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Jews & Gender in the Jim Crow South

Caroline E. Light

Afraid they’d be seen as non-white non-citizens, established Jews enforced Southern gender norms (homebound “ladies” and “chivalrous,” prosperous gentlemen) among their immigrant co-religionists. 

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A Ritual for Breast Reduction

Rabbi G. Rayzel Raphael

The time has come for the ritual we bet you (and Lilith) never before considered. Here’s one way to prepare for an under-discussed surgery. 

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The Rules Do Not Apply

What did Levy reveal—to herself— when she wrote her same-sex wedding vows? 

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After the War

Poetry by Barbara Goldberg

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