Dr. Ruth offers her clues—about sex, turtles, and more. The Obama White House seder chef dishes out her family’s culinary history. The memoir that has Canada confronting sexual violence. Paula Vogel on making art in a dangerous time. How men handle break-ups. SPECIAL SECTION: 12 battle-tested feminists on what we do now.

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Sandee Brawarsky

The power of making art in a dangerous time.

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Giving Away Grief

Judy Labensohn

For so many who’ve had a sibling die young, memories stifled by the family’s silence never get released.

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SPECIAL SECTION: Wise Women Won’t Go Back

Amy Stone

After the Women’s Marches that followed the Trump inauguration, Lilith asked 12 battle-tested feminists: What do we do now?

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Dr. Ruth Still Has the Answers

Susan Weidman Schneider with photographs by Joan Roth

How can sex be better in the morning? Why stick your neck out? What’s the secret appeal of dollhouses? Just ask.

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When Men Are Left…

Tova Hartman

“I thought we were working on our relationship.” 

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Growing Up Cooking—in My Mother’s (and Father’s) Kitchen

Susan Barocas

Preparing food for her family from age 7, the Obamas’ seder chef could have rebelled. Instead, Barocas chose to love kitchen tasks and traditions—Sephardi and Askenazi alike. Bonus: that White House haroset balls recipe.

The Courage to Speak Out

The List of Plagues

Audrey Ferber

A short story


Chloe Rose

The aftershocks from a summer job.