In this issue: Why your therapist became a therapist (and…learning in pairs, transgenerational trauma, the power of memory, and more). A scholar discovers the family secrets that led her into her chosen work.  One Jewish mother turns away from the Boy Scouts’ anti-gay policy. Rhinoplasty? A teen fights the inner battle between outer beauty, her Jewish identity, and her nose.

Analyze THIS

by Susan Schnur

Find out why your therapist became a therapist. Susan Schnur interviews well-known therapists and anonymous clients/patients on tikkun olam, one hour and one person at a time. Also, learning in pairs, transgenerational trauma, the power of memory, and more.

“So I’d Definitely Recommend Rhinoplasty…”

by Sarah Beller

How did one know if one needed to get ones nose fixed?

A Jewish Mother on the Boy Scouts’ Anti-Gay Policy

by Heidi Gralla

Which families — and congregations — are taking a stance, matching their actions to their values?

The Locked Garden

fiction by Galit Dahan Carlibach, translated by Ilana Kurshan

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How the Blumenfelds Lost Their Women

by Deborah Hertz

What happens when a great-grandfather’s diary is discovered? A family begins to piece itself back together on a journey to Latvia, while the author confronts the two halves of her inherited identity: rebellious Aunt Helen’s and dutiful Aunt Belle’s.

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by Ronit Feinglass Plank

Childhood should be Edenic — but what happens when a mother’s gone before she’s gone?

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Hebrew Names

A Russian Jewish American gets to invent a new identity — and worries that she’s blown it.

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A Letter to my Daughter

poetry by Bella Mahaya Carter

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One Hundred Philistine Foreskins

book essay by Ilana Kurshan