What happens next in our political moment – three authors reflect on PTSD, Purim and peace marches. Democratizing Talmud – two different approaches. On sharing (or not sharing) your abortion story. Why one high tech feminist exec gave it all up to explore her roots. An unexpected low-touch parenting manifesto. And explorations of the pain and pleasure in family.


Beverly Sky

She pieces together the fragmented stories of her Holocaust-survivor parents by cataloguing their tender habits of preservation. Everything —including the carpeting—falls under Sky’s careful scrutiny. 

Overlooked Women at the Homestead Hebrew Congregation

Tammy A. Hepps

A tech exec, Hepps becomes obsessed with musty paper archives in a small Pennsylvania town. Though a feisty feminist, clues to women’s lives elude her. Why? 

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Family Meals Without Reservations

Patricia Fieldsteel

Her parents disparaged everything about her that they construed as Jewish, so Fieldsteel was stuffed, starved and shamed. Now in her 70s, she tells what helped. 

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Ruth Mason

In 1915, Mason’s Bukharian mother was forced from Jerusalem by the Ottoman rulers. Three generations recall the fragrant recipes of this history, and its tremors. 

Low-Touch Parenting

Tamar Fox

A millennial mother puts forth the radical idea that parents are people, worthy of a life away from their progeny. Bonus: better for the kids, too. Check out her four-point manifesto. 

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When Molly and I Went to Florida to Visit Our Grandmother

Jennifer Weiner

Everyone stays in character. 

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The shiva rice pudding

A poem by Ellen Steinbaum 

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Ilene Raymond Rush

A short story by Ilene Raymond Rush.

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