Stepmothers, from sinister stereotype to contemporary counter-narratives. Campus anti-Semitism in North Carolina, then and now. How boredom in shul was an unlikely career booster. Two daughters report on what they learned from their mothers’ conflicts. Summer fiction to keep you suitably distracted. What does holding a door have to do with gender and power? (Guess again!) And Diane Arbus through a different lens.

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Take Your Tears Back Now

Rochelle Newman

Unable to stop sobbing after her mother dies, Newman follows a friend’s “spa spa spa” prescription to understand her mother’s secrets.

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The Art of Tending African Violets

Miriam Bat-Ami

Sometimes insights into our relationships come late. As a child, Bat-Ami desperately wanted to be one of her mother’s beloved plants, and now knows she feared being rooted.

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A Jewish Co-ed in North Carolina, 1941

Alice Sparberg Alexiou

The state making news for gender bias in 2016 is staying in character. Seventy-five years ago, anti-Semitism was a preferred prejudice in North Carolina.

Stepmothers: From Sinister Stereotype to Contemporary Counter-Narratives

Arielle Silver

What's it like for this thirtysomething Jew raising stepdaughters? Silver tells the girls her own stories, then learns some truths from other stepmothers coming out from under the sinister stereotype.

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Bored in Shul

Susan Rich

An unlikely career booster. 

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Summer Fiction

To keep you suitably distracted.

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Jerusalem Dust

Poetry by Jamie Wendt

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Tenement on Hester Street

Poetry by K. P. Kupper

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Sh’ma T’filateinu*

Poetry by Mollie Weisenfeld

*hear our prayer

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