Conversion sticks, according to a Viking Jewess. Saying Kaddish for bad parents. What’s different about sex in the Promised Land? Adopting at the Ethiopian orphanage. Greeting Syrian refugees in Vienna. Can a “No Body Talk” policy diminish girls’ self-hatred?  What feminism gives to transgender Jews. Lilith’s fiction contest winner. 

Sex in the Promised Land

Barbara Gingold

Feminist therapists are now studying what goes on in the bedrooms of Jerusalem. Why? To improve the sex lives of Israeli women.

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No Body Talk

Debra Nussbaum Cohen

Have you ever asked — or answered — the question “Do I look fat in this”? A Jewish summer camp makes “no body talk” part of its mission.

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In Vienna with Syrian Refugees

Roberta Elliott

Volunteering in Vienna, Elliott remembers her own family’s flight and displacement from this very place. So why is she driven to return?

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Standing Again at Sinai, Again

Joy Ladin

By teaching the Jewish world to think about gender, Jewish feminists laid the groundwork for today’s inclusion of transgender Jews.

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In the Ethiopian Orphanage

Susan Silverman

About to meet the baby who will become her son, her fears rise: Will I recognize him from his pictures? Am I a racist? Will he know I’m a fraud? And she moves through the holy work of adoption nonetheless.

La Poussette

a short story by Racelle Hall

Winner of our fiction contest.

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Rose Gold

R.L. Maizes

Restoring the jewelry from her mother’s last day.

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