Becoming a foster mom. Facing “The Princess Problem,” with daughters—and sons. Our Jewish cognitive dissonance, in 3 narratives. When having a non-Jewish boyfriend feels like a refresh button. The lifecycle of Jewish junk. 

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Our Jewish Cognitive Dissonance

 “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs or attitudes, especially as 
 relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change”

Choosing to Be a Foster Mom

Tamar Fox

Here’s a foster-care story that is uncommonly and intensely Jewish. One woman’s passionate account of why she does it  plus some bold suggestions about forming families.

Always a Crossword Between Us

Lesléa Newman

Her mother never met a crossword puzzle she couldn’t solve. After her death, the author continues the tradition, making more headway on Mondays than on Saturdays. 

The Princess Problem

Erica Brody

What’s a parent to do when faced with the burgeoning pink miasma enveloping little girls now? Bonus: a mom of boys worries too. 

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When is Daddy Coming?

Marjorie Ordene

In the intimacy of babysitting Mom as she starts to fail, Ordene peeps into her parents’ relationship. 

At the Thrift Shop

Nancy Kalikow Maxwell

The lifecycle of Jewish junk. 

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Smelling of Apples

Fiction by Amy Feltman

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Poetry by Irene Sipos

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