Is a Slut the JAP in new clothing? When a cut-and-color becomes subversive at a Bedouin hair salon. The 2,000-year history of the “Israeli sandal.” Why Persian Jewish women have an identity crisis in L.A.  Five Jews who’ll surprise you with victorious moments from panic or pain. How one film may change Jewish divorce decisions.

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Letting Our Hair Down

Miryam Sivan

A cut-and-color becomes subversive at the author’s local Bedouin salon. 

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Why “I Am Not a Slut” Sounds Familiar

Susan Weidman Schneider

Susan Weidman Schneider talks to the author of the new book I Am Not a Slut about sex and the Jewish girl: the prude/slut contradiction, Jewish school dress codes, and sexual experimentation at bar at bat mitzvahs. Is the "slut" just the JAP in new clothing?

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An Ode to Plastic Bags

Chana Widawski

"I’ve used mine as boot liners, shower caps, packing protectors, gloves for picking up gross things, doggie-bags for saving food, guarantors of a dry place to sit on a wet day, and as rain gear."


Elizabeth Edelglass

A short story

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I Was Reborn

Anna Halberstadt

A poem

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Excuse Me: How To Make Small Talk

Liana Finck

A response to tiny maddening things

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