Unexpected paths: Beyoncé, sex, and gender transitioning can lead deep into Judaism. Outing her enraged “Catholic” family’s secret in a standup routine. How Jewish feet are different. Wedding dresses sans the wedding. A woman rabbi’s social justice includes shopping in Ferguson. Dangerous sisters.  Weaving as a form of prayer. And what a grad school interview wouldn’t dare ask now.

Jewish While Traveling

by Lilit Marcus

A travel writer used to be afraid because she’s female. Now she turns down gigs where her revealing surname and her passport stamps signal danger. 

Find Your Fergusons

by Rabbi Susan Talve

The second highest source of revenue in Ferguson is from traffic tickets. Spend some time in night court. You’ll see that the defendants are almost all black. It is no wonder that our prisons are full of people who are poor and black. Prison is big business here, as it is everywhere.

Less-Obvious Paths into Judaism

Art by Audrey Flack; her realism is inflected by how she reads women in the Bible.

“Never Tell Anyone”: A Comedienne Breaks Her Family Taboo

by Frannie Sheridan

Her stand-up shtick blows her traumatized family’s “Catholic” cover. Fear and fury ensue.

Say Yes to the Dress

by Shira Sternberg and Susan Schnur

Two unmarried sisters (no husbands in sight) make sure their dying dad sees them in their wedding dresses. What happens next requires a hanky. 

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My Jewish Feet

by Peggy Shinner

Her feet are flat. And what she thought was familial turns out to be tribal, at least in the minds of anti-Semites. Who knew?

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The Lives Under the Stones

a short story by Amy Bitterman

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four poems by Anna Bat-Chai Wrobel

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