In this issue: women re-make the tashlich ritual, experience conversion, go defiantly to college, recount their kisses. A firsthand account of a terror attack in Jerusalem. A feminist wields an accordion. What the Bible left out about Lot’s wife. Decoding contemporary Russian-Jewish novels and Roz Chast’s sorrowful humor. Plus: what happens when a feminist goes to summer camp?


Courtney Sender

A short story by Courtney Sender

The Shabbat Before Her Wedding

a poem by Jamie Wendt

A Feminist Camp Counselor Unpacks Her Baggage

Maya Zinkow

Is camp a place for exploration —or indoctrination? Maya Zinkow speaks out on sex, ritual and gender identity in Jewish summer camp. 

Lot’s Wife

Michal Lemberger

A biblical revisioning 

The Art of Ornament

Laura Kruger

From Yemenite wedding ornaments to daring modernist designs, Israel’s creators of wearable art cross cultural divides. How did they become such boundary breakers? 

The Explosion

Natasha Basin Levina, translated by Sonia Melnikova-Raich

The writer witnesses terrorism from her kitchen and can’t make sense of why her face is front-page news. 

Under the Covers

Esther Amini

What happens when her Persian father won’t let her go to college.

Change Beckons

Susan Schnur

Cut Loose

Leah Vincent

In which a seventeen-year-old struggles to live solo in New York, sent away by her ultra-Orthodox family. 

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