In this issue: Deaf Jewish women make themselves heard, expanding access and expanding consciousness. Remembering Paula Hyman (1946-2011). Why feminism and Judaism collide and cohabit in the lives of seven activists.  Is the Statue of Liberty Jewish? A 30something immigrant daughter reflects on how her “greeneh” habits have made her honorably “green” among her friends. A porn vigilante sounds off.

Deaf Jewish Women
Make Themselves Heard

Meditating on the past, future and eternal present, women open the door.

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Porn Vigilante

Gail Dines interviewed by Susan Schnur

A passionate reminder to think at least twice about pornography, arousal and “sex work.”

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This Is How You Dance

fiction by Elissa Goldstein

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Paula Hyman (1946–2011)

edited by Rachel Kranson

Judith Plaskow, Martha Ackelsberg, Deborah Dash Moore and Rabbi David Ellenson, among others, reflect on the ways this academic and activist introduced gender into scholarship and altered how girls and women practice Judaism today.

Is The Statue of Liberty Jewish?

by Alexandra Gold

Yes! Yes! Excavating Emma Lazarus’s iconic poem “The New Colossus.”

Green? or Greeneh?

by Chana Widawski

In her immigrant family, a 30-something daughter learned to love saving, salvage and celebration.

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poetry by Carol Dine

after Rose Villard, curator, Jeu de Pomme

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