In this issue: The Jewish Theological Seminary ordains its first openly lesbian rabbi. Meet the gutsy Jewish female swimmers from Vienna who boycotted Hitler’s 1936 Olympics. Sisters, on the challenges of having brothers. Gabrielle Birkner on the expectation you’ll be sexy while pregnant. A panicky first aliyah. Three winning short stories.

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That First Aliyah

by Jill Shulman

Self-proclaimed “Jewish lite” and new to town, a woman fights her bimah anxiety.

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Out and Ordained

by Amy Stone

The Jewish Theological Seminary ordains its first out lesbian rabbi. What does this mean for Conservative Judaism?

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fiction by Racelle Rosett

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What They Expect When You’re Expecting

by Gabrielle Birkner

Sexy while pregnant. Do those hot new maternity clothes really empower women?

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The Difference Between Them

fiction by Janice Weizman

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Swimmers Against the Tide

by Karen Propp

Feisty modern girls who, in the 1930s, broke the boundaries, broke the records, and broke free.

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Our Brothers/Ourselves

Four women on the oxygen taken up by their siblings.

The A-Train to Scotland

fiction by Ellen Umansky

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Sometimes the Dead

poetry by Babo Kamel

Winner of Lilith’s 2011 Charlotte A. Newberger Poetry Prize

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So Like Helen

by E.W. Jamieson

Desire lurking behind a grandmother's frailty.

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  • Happening

    compiled by Naomi Danis and Liya Rechtman