In this issue: “Dressing feminist”—what four smart women think about each morning, with surprising revelations about shoes, the LBD, a Coach bag, body hair and more.  Adrienne Cooper on Yiddish songs about family violence. How to throw a green wedding—a batch of new ideas.  A Jew-by-choice loves her mezuzah, especially when it reminds her to stop disputes at the door.

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Bells and Pomegranates

poetry by Robin Winning

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City of Refuge

fiction by Miryam Sivan

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Why Write a Memoir?

Kathryn Harrison talks with Yona Zeldis McDonough about The Kiss.

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And the Bride Wore Green

by Shayla Gunter-Goldstein

Making a shiddukh between Jewish meaning and eco-politics. Why? And how to?

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Fashioning Feminism

What do smart women say about fashion now? Four writers share the soundtrack running through their heads when they put themselves together in the morning.

Women Sing of Family Violence

by Adrienne Cooper with Sarah Mina Gordon

Taking up the tradition of truth-telling in Yiddish music, we hear the dark stories in those familiar tunes.

Pausing at the Doorpost

by Marian Nash

A Jew by choice chooses one ritual in particular: the mezuzah.

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The Solace of Mail-Order Beads

by Rokhl Kafrissen

Connections with Mom via the shopping channel.

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