In this issue: Sarah Blustain explores how the feminist agenda fares when jobs are scarce and profiles Freelancers Union founder Sara Horowitz with her visionary health insurance plan. Four women’s powerful friendships–beloved or toxic. Poet Yael Flusberg on her mother’s suicide and her staggeringly tragic childhood. Mikveh for a second marriage.

Unforgettable Friendships

Four high-octane dyads, each wildly different: one elegiac, one celebratory, one bitter, one grateful. Marcia Falk, Alice Sparberg Alexiou, Florence Howe, and Rabbi Naamah Kelman and Nessa Rapoport talk about tight bonds.

“Besser Fargessen”

by Ellen Azorin

After a century of silence, a family that specialized in forgetting finds its secret revealed in a yellowed 1909 Yiddish newspaper.

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The Portrait: Algeria 1919

fiction by Phyllis Carol Agins

Algeria 1919

Labor Pains

by Sarah Blustain

In a special section on Jewish women and how we work now, meet Sara Horowitz and her visionary safety net for the new economy. How do feminist agenda items like equal pay, equal status and flex-time fare when jobs are scarce? And Amy Stone on the job crunch for women rabbis.

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A Very Jewish Poet

Yael Flusberg interviewed by Susan Schnur

Sifted through her staggeringly tragic childhood, Flusberg’s poems, including the three offered here, become a monument to healing and strength.

Before Marrying Again…

by Jordana Horn

This time, she tries the mikveh. Why?

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