In this issue: D-I-Y Parenthood – three wildly unconventional ways to create family; it’s more than just sperm selection. “Tiles and Tribulations” explains the connection between Jewish women and mah-jongg, even now. Can a liberal eat meat? New winners of Lilith’s short story and poetry contests.

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fiction by Gail Labovitz

Lilith’s first-prize fiction contest winner for 2010.

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Winner of this year’s Charlotte Newberger Poetry Prize

by Alicia Ostriker

Alicia Ostriker picks “The Fifteenth of Av” by Jane Seitel as the winner of this year’s Charlotte Newberger Poetry Prize—and tells us why. What’s more, she brings us the poem and the premise for each of the runners-up.

  • The Fifteenth of Av poetry by Jane Seitel
  • I Sing the Shekinah’s Praise poetry by Joanne Seltzer
  • From My Kitchen Window poetry by Rochelle Mass
  • Brief Prayer at a Cousin’s Wedding poetry Judy Katz
  • Questions for the Feast of Weeks poetry by Marnie Heyn
  • Eve to the Serpent poetry by Ruth Kessler
  • ‘As it is Said’ poetry by Bonnie Maurer
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Down Under

fiction by Lee Kofman

Lilith’s second-prize fiction contest winner for 2010.

Mah-Jongg in the Lives of Jewish Women

by Sarah Blustain

Mah-jongg gave those 1950s Jewish women a room of their own—for as long as the game was in play. Sarah Blustain tells us why Mahj is back!

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“Women’s History is Not Just About Women — It’s About Their Times!”

by Amy Stone

At the American Jewish Historical Society, Lilith invites three dozen women in white gloves to pry into formerly hidden lives.

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Raised by Jews

fiction by Naomi Seidman

Lilith’s third-prize fiction contest winner for 2010

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D-I-Y Parenthood

by Susan Schnur

Doing it yourself can mean much more than selecting a sperm donor. These women are creating-and raising-wildly unconventional families.

What Should I Eat?

by Fran Hawthorne

Food Politics and everyday life choices: Organic? Free-range? Estrogen-laden soy? All the angst of eating, spelled out here.

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